Prototype – Dark Experimental Ambiences

Prototype is a special sample library containing dark, experimental ambiences which can be layered and used to score cinematic and sound design projects with unique sound character. Carefully crafted by recorded source material ranging from breaking and bending metal, swinging and smashing different types of materials, running engines, voice recordings, environmental sounds, electronic devices and designed sounds from software and hardware synthesizers, mangled through virtual tape machines and vinyl cutting and playback gear, several sound degrading effect techniques like Lo-FI, distortion, stuttering, glitch and more. Perfect for music producers and musicians, for film & documentary makers, game developers and sound designers needing dark, organic ambiences and atmospheres for their audio projects, film soundtracks, games, videos and trailers.

  • Content

  • Designed experimental ambiences

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit, full track length

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit, full track length with embedded loop points (for integration in software plugins, samplers and synthesizers)