Music Licensing Information


The copyright to all Audio Voltage music always remains with the owner of this site,, regardless of what you use it for or what type of license it is used under. All music is written, performed and produced exclusively by Audio Voltage. You cannot state that you own our music, or that anyone else owns it, or that you or anyone else has the rights to use it, or that you composed it and/or performed it. You cannot make Audio Voltage music available for download or tell others that they can do so. You cannot resell it in any form, or tell others that they can do so. You cannot redistribute it in any form aside from its part in your production.

Copyright is exclusively related to music, not the sound design and sound library categories!

Standard Music License

  • Personal use e.g. iPod, cd player, car stereo

  • Public performance in one location e.g. a themed attraction

  • Up to 10,000 copies of a track, physical or downloadable. This includes integration into games

  • Film e.g. festivals, promotional screenings

  • A single web site (in a streamed format)

  • Corporate film e.g. DVD/Blu-ray disc, trade show, presentation

  • Video distributed on the Internet (streamed format such as youtube, vimeo etc). This includes ‘monetarised’ content

  • Podcasting

  • Student film and not-for-profit films e.g. showreels regardless of scale of distribution

  • Educational use

  • You may not use Audio Voltage music in TV or Radio Broadcast

  • You may not distribute more than five thousand (5,000) physical units of our music without written permission

Broadcast Music License

  • TV and Radio broadcast

  • Film with theatrical release

  • More than one public performance location e.g. multi-site attractions

  • You may also make unlimited copies of a track, physical or downloadable