Heliocentric – Space Drone Ambiences

Heliocentric is a unique set of 25 cinematic, deep and atmospheric drone ambiences. Meticulously designed from source material recorded from lost and abandoned places, industrial buildings, parking garages, air condition unites and fans and diverse electrical and mechanical components. Ethereal floating, dark disturbing but soothing and evocative at the same time, Heliocentric is going to enhance the anticipation and suspense in any sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, mystery and horror movie and add unprecedented quality, feeling and atmospheric color to your films and videos. The perfect companion for any professional film, TV or game sound designer, music producer and musician, needing dark, organic, cinematic atmospheres for their audio projects, film soundtracks, games, videos and trailers.

  • Content

  • 25 cinematic drones

  • MP3 320kb/s, full track length

  • AAC 256kb/s, full track length

  • Wave PCM 44.1 kHz 16 bit, full track length

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit, full track length

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit, full track length with embedded loop points (for integration in software plugins, samplers and synthesizers)