Apparatus – Designed Experimental Sound Library

The source material used for this free collection ranges from foley and environmental sounds, electronic devices to designed sounds from software and hardware synthesizers, mangled through several sound degrading effect techniques like Lo-FI, stuttering, glitch and granular synthesis. The very experimental nature of this library invites to be applied on any kind of electronic music, sound design and production of soundtracks for games and movies.

  • Content

  • 20 designed, experimental sounds, noises and sequences

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit

  • Wave PCM 48.0 kHz 24 bit with embedded loop points (for integration in software plugins, samplers and synthesizers)

Dense Liqueur

Freakish Defect

Glitch Master

Strings Rebellion

Needle Committee

Voltage Juice

Electron Rug

Tape Bolognese


Blue Cacophony

Drunken Codex

Infected By Noise

Oddly Metallic


Ruthless Bubbles

Subspace Twist

Unhappy Turmoil

Who Fears The Watchmen

Collapsing Particles

Radio Pastiche